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Nurturing Active Citizenship

A critical component of a Dominican education is the formation of a student's reasoning capacity. In a world that is highly complex, where truth is difficult to locate at times, where fake news abounds and hidden agendas are prevalent, it is essential to equip our students with the ability to make a decision, to reach a conclusion and formulate an opinion.

Our role as educators is to drive this process of self actualization and identity and to allow it to develop systematically. It is not our intention to suggest or influence what our students should believe but rather to help facilitatethis process.

What is key, however, is that opinions and beliefs are formed, not by emotion but by a careful understanding and analysis of the relevant facts. Furthermore, these opinions must be able to stand the test of scrutiny and reasoned debate resulting in a positive contribution to the narrative under discussion.

South Africa needs people with cool heads, people with balanced opinions and ultimately people who are first and foremost defenders of that which is true, just and honest, in which the rights of all citizens are vociferously guarded in keeping with and as outlined in the Constitution.