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Parents back to school

Below are some feedback comments from the parents:

  • I like the kind of level of thinking that the child is encouraged to have and use. They are exposed to independence and work in groups (Mrs Sibiya).
  • Very impressed with everything. I’m happy with the progress concerning my child. Keep up the good work teachers. (Mrs Mabasa).
  • I was so impressed by the level of creativity and thinking skills, and love the fact that everyone is so involved and taking turns in class. Teachers are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much for shaping our little ones to be so independent. God Bless and keep you all (Mr and Mrs Mtshali).
  • I would like to thank the teachers who are doing outstanding work in teaching the children of the next generation (Mr and Mrs Eshete).

Thank you to all the parents who took time out from their busy schedules to come and spend the morning with their children.  -  Pre-primary Educators