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Soul Food

Members had a tour of the premises where we met the dedicated staff members of Meals On Wheels. One of note being Mam’ Lina Rammutla, who has worked at Meals On Wheels for over 28 years and has even started her own initiative to feed hungry children in her own community. 

We then had a tour of the vegetable garden with Mam’ Sana. Mam’ Sana has been at Meals On Wheels for 25 years and works as a cook and grows almost all the ingredients used for every meal cooked at Meals On Wheels. The garden was filled with spinach, carrots, beetroot, butternut and many more gifts of the earth. 

Lastly, and possibly my favorite part of our visit to the care centre, was serving the elderly with coffee, tea and tea-time treats. In the hour spent at Meals On Wheels, I learnt what power we all have to change the world and make it a better place with the little that we have. Mam’ Lina started a little soup kitchen feeding a little over 20 children every Friday, and now she feeds over 200 kids with the help of donations.

As the Interact Club, we realize that our donations could go a long way when we can’t physically be there to volunteer. Interact is helping to feed the poor and hungry, one can of beans at a time.  PHILA LUFELE, Grade 11