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Walk in the Light of Hope

Our faith teaches us that Jesus' vision was much greater than creating a Kingdom of God on earth. He taught that all people needed to reform their lives in a way where selfishness and intolerance had no place, and where humanity was not separated by class, gender, or creed. For the religious and political leaders of the time, this message of tolerance, equality and hope represented a threat to their power, and for that Jesus was killed.

Our Lenten Journey over the past 40 days has not been easy. Our faith and values have also been tested, as we lost a member of our student body, and as we face uncertainty about South Africa's economic and political future. The time and effort we have given to strengthening our faith and values, as well as the time given to asking for forgiveness and changing our behaviour, will be beneficial in the days ahead.

Christianity is fundamentally about hope—love and truth can prevail over injustice and avarice. The events of Holy Week tell this story of hope. May we all be inspired by the resolve of Jesus and his followers, and consider how we can build a better world through actions informed by our strengthened faith and moral fibre. Remember that in these "desert moments" our faith is tested.

Happy Easter!