In The News

G1 Outing - 25 July 2017

Our G1 learners having fun at an Indoor Play and Activity Centre, supervised by trained child-minders, with DCS teachers Amanda Beukes, Jessica Gomes and Busi Mwelase looking on. Thank you Ms Amanda Beukes for the photos and videos. (Videos can be viewed on our Facebook page).


Helping Hands

While our Grade 12 learners wrote their Matric Prelim Exams in preparation for their future careers, the Pre-Primary School learners also planned for the future. The Pre-Primary Career Day helps learners to understand various occupations and fosters awareness of how learners can improve the community through their work.


Food for Thought

The Grade 6 learners were treated to a decimal fraction party with a difference. 

“We were asked to bring items to divide into tenths and hundredths. We were then grouped and were asked to divide our goodies accordingly.”  — Kgalalelo Bambo, 6L

“Think, Pair and Share was the order of the day when Mrs Chendip rolled out work paper so that we could convert our divided parts first into common fractions and then decimal fractions.” — Keyan Naidoo, 6J


Imbizo : Preparation for the World of Work / Catholic Schools’ Week

Dominican Convent School has recently launched ‘Imbizo’, a programme designed to provide career exposure to learners in the high school. In addition to finding out the type of work involved in a profession, learners are also exposed to the tertiary and professional requirements to enter into the particular field of work.

This is particularly important as many learners continue to consider only traditional careers, and are unfamiliar with careers in less common sectors or emerging spheres like the internet economy. Futurists are increasingly predicting that the learners of today will hold numerous jobs in multiple disciplines of work, as their generation will likely live more than 100 years and be part of a more disrupted world of work, where people are more frequently hired to solve problems and develop projects rather than be appointed to fixed positions within a single established company.

Imbizo professionals in Term 2 have included an Economist and a Playwright. Next week the learners will discover what it takes to be a Data Scientist.  After attending an Imbizo session, Phila Lufele in Grade 10 noted “Imbizo is helping me decide where I want to go in life and most importantly, the steps I might need to take to get there”. 

Please contact Ms Leggett or Mr Horn if there is someone you know who would like to be an Imbizo speaker Mondays from 14:00 – 15:00.