Mission and Vision


At Dominican Convent School, drawing on our rich heritage of the past and united in upholding the vision of the school, we affirm our dedication to the values contained in the Vision Statement by the following: An holistic education for all our learners, which honours the uniqueness and dignity of each learner and educator, and engenders spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth and civic and environmental responsibility and is founded upon Gospel values. A school which is open to the challenges of the Gospel, rooted in the tradition and teaching of the Catholic Church, and which acknowledges and respects members of other Christian denominations and faith traditions. Because we believe in holistic education, our school will strive to: Offer a curriculum of excellence which is relevant, diverse and flexible, in response to the challenges of our society and which recognizes and nurtures the talents and potential of every learner and teacher. Employ teachers who are characterized by their excellence of service and their commitment to the values of the school. Because we believe in Gospel values, our school will: Provide religious education founded upon a dynamic faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel. The classes will include a knowledge and understanding of the world’s major religions. Nurture the faith development of learners by fostering an ethos based on the Gospel values of truth, justice, peace, reconciliation, love, hope and joy, leading to the integration of life and faith through the daily experience of God. Offer dynamic growth of the individual gift of faith through formation, worship, service to others and spreading the Good News. Strive to build a just society dedicated to peace, reconciliation and service to others. Because we believe that our school is a community serving humanity, we will strive to: Provide education of excellence that is accessible to all. Strengthen our culture of learning and instill social and environmental responsibility amongst our members. Adopt a management style that encourages effective participation by staff, parents, learners and the local community in the affairs of the school.


Our vision is the development and accompaniment of the young learners in our school on their journey to responsible adulthood. We undertake this with the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit. We endeavour to engender Christian values within the context of life and we strive to create a stimulating and pleasant learning environment in which to develop the whole young person.