2021_Application Process


Please download and complete our application form at the link below, and return it with the necessary documentation.


The following documentation must be submitted with the completed application form. Please tick all the documentation you are submitting when you apply.

  • Last School Report.

  • Copy of official Birth Certificate.

  • Copy of official immunization card, or proof confirming immunization against polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, and hepatitis B.

  • Proof of residential address, in parents name, such as statement of Rates, Water and Lights, Telephone or Store account, etc.

  • Completed Testimonial Form (Grade 4-12) The Testimonial Form is attached to the Application Form. This form must be submitted to the learner’s current school principal, completed by him/her, and officially stamped.

  • Sacramental Certificates (Roman Catholic learners only).

  • Copy of Medical Notes/Prescriptions for all learners on chronic medication, and who suffer from chronic conditions, including but not limited to: asthma, depression, ADHD (learners who take Ritalin), a heart condition, migraines, or hormonal imbalance.

  • Two passport size photographs.

  • R400.00 Non-Refundable Application Fee.


Parents/Guardians/Caregivers of learners of other nationalities must submit the following additional documents: Study visa in respect of learner; Temporary visa or Permanent permit from the South African Department of Home Affairs, or evidence of application for such documentation.  

The South African Department of Home Affairs has announced new regulations pertaining to all those travelling to the country through international points of entry and departure.The following information relates to minors (under the age of 18) and will apply to all travellers both South African and non - South African passport holders as from 1 October 2014. Please see download below for regulations and requirements.