2021 Sports

Dominican Convent School is proud to boast a selection of four codes of sport in 2021:

1. Basketball (Boys & Girls)
2. Chess
3. Netball (Girls)
4.  Soccer (Boys & Girls)
DCS competes against a number of schools in the various codes of sport. Most of the sports codes are contested between the Catholic schools.  All sports codes compete in the Independent Schools Leagues and we enter top International Sports tournaments. At DCS, Basketball and Soccer in particular are our renowned sports codes.

Each of the sports offered at Dominican continue to grow with each practice. More and more learners are finding that their interest, skill, and ability can be nurtured in the sports that are on offer. DCS will strive to introduce other sports should there be an overwhelming need to do so.

Elite Players

An elite player is one whose play is clearly above and beyond the rest of the School's sporting boys and girls. This player will also have represented the province or country in his or her sport. Dominican currently has one such player in Boys Basketball – an u16 National player.

Dominican’s Sports Calendar

The Leagues we participate in are:

Basketball           -              GSBSA League (Gauteng School Basketball of South Africa)

Chess                    -              Independent League

Netball                 -              D13 Independent League

Soccer                   -              ISSL (Independent School Soccer League)

May – August 2020

·         All Leagues;  and

·         All Catholic Festivals and Tournaments.

September – December 2020

·         St Peter’s Tournaments (Basketball, Chess, Soccer)

·         Catholic Schools Chess tournaments

·         Inter-House Competitions – All codes

In all our sports codes, DCS strives for excellence. Our sport codes are not seasonal. They are divided into three sections - Pre-season, In-season, and Post-season. This means that our players are awarded the opportunity to specialise in a code of sport, which contributes to their overall development, progress and excellence.