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Awesome Medal Haul For Swimmers

Shivering with fear (and perhaps also the briskness of a 07h30 warm-up), six swimmers in Team Dominican took to the water in Gauteng Aquatics, Level 0 Championships on Sunday.

The first medals came in the first event of the day, 50m freestyle – the crown jewel for any swimmer.

Thereafter, internal challenges further boosted performances as follows:

Carlos Fernandes:
Silver – 50m Freestyle, 50m

Breaststroke Kitso Borias:
Gold – 50m Freestyle

Bradley Shilubane:
Silver – 50m Breaststroke, 100m Freestyle,
Bronze – 50m Back stroke

Tshepiso Moepi:
Silver – 50m Breaststroke

Karabo Namane:
Bronze – 50m Freestyle,
100m Freestyle

Lizo Xoki:
Bronze – 100m Freestyle Congratulations to all our swimmers! Next season should be filled with even more highlights – at Level 1 National Champs!

Thank you to Mrs Carol Wengrowe for her hard work, balancing beginners and elite swimmers. – Mr Sidrick Moore, Head of Sport