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Indumo Yolutsha takes it all!

Saturday’s National Eisteddfodd Finals was an evening to be remembered. The Dominican Indumo Yolutsha band were geared up after their category win in the semi’s and played like stars. They created a musical experience not soon to be forgotten by the awed audience and were awarded the most prestigious prize as best overall performance across all disciplines (vocal, instrumental, drama
and dance) and a big cheque of R6000 for marimba development. The girls are to be commended on their persistence and excellence. Congratulations! – Ms Kokolo, Instructor

And the band members say....“The finals were phenomenal. We were so stressed about what we were going to play, but went onto that stage and showed the audience and judges flames. Winning the best overall was emotional for us and even Mrs Kokolo shed some happy tears. Thank you for the opportunities – I’m very proud of the band members.” – Bontle Serai, Gr11K