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Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry-based learning in the Primary School - 24 to 28 February.

Inquiry-based learning is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios to the learners. It is the opposite of traditional learning, which generally relies on the teacher presenting facts and his or her knowledge about the subject.

The learners will identify and research issues, apply thinking skills, and ask questions to develop knowledge or solutions.
Our learners will :
• Create questions of their own.
• Obtain supporting evidence to answer the questions.
• Explain the evidence collected.
• Connect the explanation to the knowledge obtained from
the investigative process.
• Create an argument and justification for the explanation.


Mom or Dad in School with me!

Our Pre-Primary learners delighted to Bring-a-Parent to School.


Basketball Champions

Dominican Convent School’s girls basketball team are the Inter-Catholic Basketball Champions 2020!


Girl power

Girls Soccer : DCS vs Maryvale College - DCS 5 MC 3. Congratulations!